PSEB announces the closure time for admission to academic year 2024-25.

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PSEB: The class 10 exams were administered by Punjab Board between February 13 to March 5 (11 a.m. and 2:15 p.m.), while the class 12 exams are now being administered. The exams which began on February 13 will now run till March 30.

There is an official announcement done by The Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) today which states that students have time till July 31 for the registration process of the academic year 2024-25. This deadline has been announced by the Punjab Board for classes 5, 8 and 12.

Government/Aided/Affiliated and Associated School Principals and all the students of Punjab State related to the Punjab School Education Board are hereby informed that for the regular students taking admission in the schools for the fifth, eighth to twelfth classes for the academic year 2024-25. The last date of admission is 31st July 2024,”  was the official notification.

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In the meantime, the Punjab Board administered the exams for class 10 from February 13 till March 5 (11 am to 2:15 pm), and the exams for class are currently going on. The exams which were started on February 13 will now continue till March 30 (11 am to 2:15 pm).

The results for classes 5, 8, 10 and 12 will be released by the Punjab Board after the exams are completed for the same classes.

The passing percentage for class 10 was recorded at 97.54 per cent last year, the girls were outperforming boys according to the results. 

Girls scored a passing percentage of 98.46 percent meanwhile the boys had scored a passing percentage of 96.73 per cent. Pathankot district was having the highest pass percentage (99.19 per cent), while Barnala recorded the lowest passing percentage which was (95.96 per cent).

Subjects included in the Punjab Board

The Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) typically includes subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English, Punjabi (language), Hindi (language), Computer Science, Physical Education, and optional subjects like Music, Fine Arts, and Home Science, among others, in its curriculum.

However, it is important to check the latest curriculum updates directly from the board for the most accurate information about the exam

Tips to score well in the PSEB exam

Scoring well in Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) theory papers involves several key strategies such as :

  1. Understand the syllabus: Familiarise yourself with the entire syllabus and understand the weightage of each topic
  1. Time management: Practice time management during your preparation and while attempting the exam. Allocate specific time to each section according to its weightage.
  1. Practise previous years’ papers: Solve previous years’ question papers to understand the exam pattern, marking scheme, and the types of questions asked.
  1. Effective study techniques: Use effective study techniques such as making notes, creating mind maps, and using mnemonic devices to remember key points.
  1. Concept clarity: Ensure that you have a clear understanding of the concepts rather than rote learning. This will help you answer application-based questions.
  1. Revision: Regularly revise the topics to inbuilt your understanding and memory.
  1. Seek guidance: Seek guidance from your teachers or peers in case of doubts.
  1. Stay updated: Keep yourself updated with any changes which happens in the exam pattern or syllabus

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